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    You are here: Home > News > Industry News > Emergency measures that can be taken in vacuum sintering furnaces in the following three situations
    Emergency measures that can be taken in vacuum sintering furnaces in the following three situations

    The vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for the sintering process of semiconductor components and power rectifier devices. It can be vacuum sintered, gas-shielded and sintered, and is a novel process equipment in the semiconductor special equipment series. It has novel design and convenient operation. Compact, multiple processes can be completed on a single unit. It can also be used in vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing and other processes in other fields. Then take a look at the emergency measures that the vacuum sintering furnace can take in the following three situations.

    One: power outage

        1: When the power is cut off, if the water is cut off, immediately turn on the spare cooling water and turn on the water source.

        2: If it can recover as soon as possible without heating, heating and cooling, restart the equipment and continue to operate if it takes a long time to keep the equipment as it is.

        3: If you are able to recover as soon as possible while heating and cooling, restart the device. If it takes a long time, keep it as it is, and let the device cool naturally.

    Two: heating power failure

        1: The water pressure is low. When the water pressure is lower than 0.15MPa, the pressure gauge alarms.

        2: Ground fault.

        3: Vacuum discharge, the connection between the water-cooled electrode joint and the heater must be firmly connected and insulated from the reflective screen.

        4: If the pressure in the furnace is 13.3-66.5 Pa (this degree of vacuum is prone to discharge). The power supply has failed, and the cause of the power failure can be considered as a discharge due to dielectric breakdown.

    Three: inflation gas stop

        1: If the gas is filled for a long time or cannot be charged before the vacuum starts, check if the gas line is blocked.

        2: If there is no problem with the gas pipeline, check the action of the solenoid valve and the gas inflation valve, and check all the equipment for safety and related equipment.

        3: When the pressure in the vacuum chamber cannot be stopped, when the pressure relief valve operates, such as the pressure relief valve, all gas systems including the gas supply valve and piping should be closed.

        4: Confirm whether there is any air leakage in the gas inflation piping, if it will affect the quality of the product.


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