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    You are here: Home > News > Industry News > What are the requirements for gas quenching in a vacuum furnace
    What are the requirements for gas quenching in a vacuum furnace

    This is the way that vacuum furnace manufacturers have harvested many users, but we have analyzed them through a lot of evidence.
    To save heat treatment time, most vacuum furnaces are equipped with means for forced cooling with inert gas. Moreover, by applying gas quenching, the entire operation can be completed without moving the processed charge, which minimizes plastic distortion. To determine the best gas quenching conditions. We have determined the effects of gas composition, pressure and motion, as well as the heat exchange efficiency achieved. The results of our research are summarized as follows: the use of pure hydrogen, the highest practical. The maximum quenching speed is achieved with air pressure and airflow over 10,000 ft/min. However, due to practical reasons such as economy and safety, we recommend the use of pure nitrogen at a pressure of 700 to 750 Torr and a flow rate of approximately 10,000 ft/min.


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