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    You are here: Home > News > Media Reports > It turns out that this can be the correct structure of the vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated furnace.
    It turns out that this can be the correct structure of the vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated furnace.

    vacuum degreasing sintering furnace the use of:
    vacuum degreasing sintering furnaceMainly used for degreasing and sintering of tungsten alloys, high specific gravity alloys, molybdenum alloys, titanium alloys and hard alloys. It is suitable for degreasing treatment of binders such as PEG, paraffin and rubber; it can realize vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, micro-positive pressure sintering and other processes.

    The structure of the vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated furnace:
    The vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated furnace is divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. According to the temperature of the furnace and the customer's process requirements, graphite, molybdenum or tungsten is used as the heating element and the heat shield. The heating element can be divided into multiple zones, each zone is independently temperature controlled, programmable PID adjustment; the furnace can be removed overall for easy maintenance. It is equipped with special sealing furnace and multi-stage water-cooled butterfly type fat trap for degreasing and collecting grease. Equipped with a carrier gas degreasing device, the carrier gas can be introduced into the furnace, and the inflation flow can be adjusted. The internal circulation cooling device can accelerate the cooling of materials in the furnace, shorten the work cycle, and improve product quality and work efficiency. Equipped with a unique vapor clearing system to eliminate grease troubles.









    Features of vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated furnace:
    1. It adopts double-layer furnace structure and reasonable heater arrangement, and the furnace temperature uniformity is good.
    2. The special structure degreasing box is used, the sealing effect is good, the degreasing is complete, and there is no pollution to the components in the furnace.
    3, with flexible vacuum, vacuum sintering, micro-positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, negative pressure degreasing, TOWAC degreasing, micro-pressure degreasing and other functions.
    4, the use of soft and hard insulation structure and materials, furnace insulation performance is good, less heat storage, more than 20% energy saving than traditional design.
    5, using touch screen operation and temperature recording, PLC centralized control, simple operation, high reliability.
    6, with over-temperature and over-pressure fault alarm, broken even alarm, over-current alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection, action interlock and other functions, equipment safety.
    7. The quick-cooling structure of the internal opening and internal and external circulation phase structure reduces the furnace time and shortens the production cycle.


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