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    Service Introduction

    Service Introduction


    After buying our equipment, when the equipment arrives at the buyer's site, we will send more than 2 technicians to the customer site to install and debug for 3-90 days according to the difficulty of installation and commission. We will strive to complete every installation work with the principle of high efficiency and safety.


    Our technical team is sent to the customer site for installation and commission. During the process of installation and commission, we will train professional staff in terms of professional equipment operation and maintenance, so as to achieve the purpose of independent operation and maintenance of equipment. According to the different responsibilities of the participants, the targeted training contents include: 1) guide the operation and maintenance of the technology safety knowledge; 2) guide the operation method of the equipment so that the buyer can understand the use of each component and related system and the basic method of the operation system.

    Customer service

    Haoyue Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. supports rapid after-sales service reactions in China and all regions of the world, including post-sale technical support, troubleshooting and question answering. The channel of agency and distribution is another important guarantee for after-sales service. We are developing agents all over the world, and strengthening cooperation with other companies to form localization of services around the world.

    Technology and support

    Haoyue Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has a technical team with rich knowledge of the industry, providing technical support before and after sale. The technical team's engineer has been employed for 3-25 years, and has rich technical experience in powder production equipment, sintering furnace, heat treatment equipment and so on. They constantly update and improve the innovative material production technology system solutions, providing customers with more professional and targeted recommendations to ensure the accuracy of customer demand for equipment.


    Haoyue electric furnace Co Ltd provides customers with the main equipment and its main components (except wearing parts and consumables)which have a one year warranty period.In order to solve problems of replacing wearing parts and consumables, we also provide high-quality supply of accessory to facilitate customers.


    Telphone: +86-21-51095287

    Email: haoyue@haoyue-group.com

    Add:NO.1100,Hanggui Road,Jiading District,Shanghai City,China