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    • High temperature box furnace

    high temperature box furnace

    The high temperature box furnace is suitable for industries and departments such as electric power, coal, papermaking, petrochemical, cement, agriculture, animal husbandry, medical research, and teaching.

    High temperature box furnace Description

    HMF series of furnaces are CE certified high temperature chamber furnace with MoSi2 (molybdenum disilicide) as the heating elements, and variety of furnace internal dimensions , 518P intelligent temperature regulator and B - type double platinum and rhodium thermocouple can be used to temperature regulation and automatic control of furnace internal temperature. The Max internal temperature can reach 1700.

    The furnace material is made of high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber and the furnace body uses double layer shell structure which can grantee the temperature of the shell surface less than 60 . Side-opening door structure is designed for ensuring the safety of use, which will shut the power when the door open.


    Temperature Control System

    Intelligent 30-segment programmable control system, B - type double platinum and rhodium thermocouple for temperature measurement.

    The Max heating rate as below:

    When the temperature ≤1400,the Max heating rate:≤10/min;

    When the temperature 1400---1600,the Max heating rate: ≤5/min;

    When the temperature≥1600,the Max heating rate: ≤2/min.


    One year limited warranty with lifetime support. (Consumable parts such as sample plates and heating elements are not covered by the warranty)



    High temperature box furnace Technical Details

    Max Temp: 1700

    Max continuous working temp: ≤1650

    VoltageAC380V two phases /50HZ


    Constant Temperature Accuracy:±1

    Inside Chamber Dimension: 200mm×200mm×300mm (WxHxL)

    Overall Chamber Dimension: 680mmx780mmx690mm (WxHxL)

    Net Weight: 100Kg


    Telphone: +86-21-51095287

    Email: haoyue@haoyue-group.com

    Add:NO.1100,Hanggui Road,Jiading District,Shanghai City,China