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    Company History

    2007.09      Haoyue instrument company was established.

                      (Shanghai Haoyue Electric Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. predecessor) 

    2009.10      The first high temperature furnace began to be installed and debugged.

    2011.06      Developed the atmosphere high temperature furnace successfully and delivered to customers.

    2011.10      Developed the 1800℃ high temperature tube furnace successfully.

    2012.11      Developed SmCo vacuum sintering furnace for permanent magnet industry.

    2013.07      Developed SPS sintering system successfully.

    2013.09      Developed 1600℃ vacuum degreasing sintering furnace successfully .

    2013.10      Developed multi function sintering furnace with hot press, air pressure and high

                      temperature,  this filled the domestic blank and obtained a patent. 

    2014.06      Provided high vacuum dehydroxylation furnace for quartz industry.

    2014.09      Developed 2000℃hi-temperature vacuum sintering furnace successfully.

    2015.04      Developed rapid cooling vacuum sintering furnace successfully and obtained a patent.

    2015.06      Developed first 10MPa silicon nitride pressure sintering furnace.

    2015.10      The company is certified as a high and new technology enterprise.

    2016.08      Obtained the ISO9001 certificate.

    2016.03      Developed large vacuum sintering furnace-inductive heated successfully.

    2016.06      Developed large vacuum hot pressing furnace-inductive heated.

    2016.12      Developed reactive sintering SiC furnace successfully.

    2017.03      Developed reactive sintering ALN furnace successfully.

    2017.03      Developed reactive sintering SI3N4 furnace successfully.


    Telphone: +86-21-51095287

    Email: haoyue@haoyue-group.com

    Add:NO.1100,Hanggui Road,Jiading District,Shanghai City,China