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    Company Culture

    Vision of Haoyue:

      Becoming the leader of new materials and new energy field of heat treatment.


    Mission of Haoyue:

      Promoting the rapid development of new materials , new energy fields and provide the best solutions for new materials and new energy industries.


    Values of Haoyue:

    Customer first:

      All technological innovation and service concept are guided by customer's needs. We insist on customer centered, continue to create value for customers, respond positively and quickly to customer needs. Providing the best service for our customers is our direction and value benchmarking, and the achievement of our customers is our own.



      Only adhere to honesty can we achieve the commitment.

      Honesty is our most important intangible asset, Haoyue people adhere to the integrity to win customers.


    Innovation first:

      In order to meet the needs of customers better, we need to be aggressive, open-up and innovational. The value of any advanced technology, product, and solution can only be transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer demand oriented, and continue to innovate based on customer needs.


    Cooperation to win:

      In order to achieve customer needs, we need to work closely with suppliers and partners in addition to continuous innovation. Only by working together can we achieve win-win results. Cooperation is a powerful guarantee for improving process efficiency.


    Development is the way:

      All efforts and struggles are ultimately for the development. We have achieved our customers and we have also developed ourselves. Development is the hard truth, only continuous development can we work hand in hand with our customers and can employees and enterprises realize the dream.

      Standard of conduct of Haoyue:

      three styles: conscientious, fast, firmly committed;

      one goal: customer satisfaction 100%;

      one guarantee: guarantee the completion of the task.


    Employment conception of Haoyue:

      Choose the right person and do the right thing!The person who gets the talent gets the world! All competition, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents. The selection and use of people is about the success or failure of Haoyue.We should put the right people in the right position and make professional people do the professional thing.


    Telphone: +86-21-51095287

    Email: haoyue@haoyue-group.com

    Add:NO.1100,Hanggui Road,Jiading District,Shanghai City,China