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    Company Profile

    Shanghai Haoyue is a Chinese national high tech enterprise specializing in R&D and  manufacturing of advanced precision control technology of electric furnace, the company was located in Shanghai where the center of China’s economy and technology, already has modern standard factory buildings with complete processing equipment and perfect quality inspection system. Haoyue has owned a number of technology elite who has long been engaged in manufacturing and servicing of varies furnaces, such as experimental furnace, vacuum furnace as well as special furnace, and can provide advanced technology ,reliable quality and full range products ,we also established a long-term scientific and technological cooperation with Shanghai Fudan University and Shanghai Tongji University and provide personnel training base.

    Since the establishment in 2009 in Shanghai, with an annual production capacity of 200 sets of experimental furnace and 60 sets of vacuum furnace. Haoyue has been affirmed and recognized by our costumer in the market with its good quality and perfect service. Our advantage is not only reflected in the field of high-precision temperature control, but also have outstanding experts in vacuum systems, automation control system and computer temperature analysis system.

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    Telphone: +86-21-51095287

    Email: haoyue@haoyue-group.com

    Add:NO.1100,Hanggui Road,Jiading District,Shanghai City,China